Maintenance Building

@ Collinsville Area Recreation District Collinsville, Illinois


  • Programmatic analysis
  • Schematic design
  • Architecture


  • 10,000 sq. t., maintenance building.
  • Maintenance bays, wash bay, work shop.
  • Offices, locker room and break room.
  • Heated storage facility.

Sustainable Design Features

  • Structure made of recycled steel and landscaping beams from crushed parts.
  • Waste-oil heating system converts used automobile oil into a clean heating source.
  • High-volume and low-velocity ceiling fans promote natural ventilation with using a lot of energy.
  • Rain water harvested and stored in two 5,000 gallons buried holding tanks for non-potable uses.
  • High-efficiency HVAC system reduces energy consumption.
  • Restrooms have water conserving fixtures and high velocity air hand dryers.